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Access transformative insights and research driving sex education advocacy. Championing inclusive education and reproductive rights, we offer vital tools for informed advocacy and community empowerment. Discover evidence-based strategies and join us in shaping a future of informed sexual and reproductive health decisions.


Explore SIECUS Reports: Delve into evidence-based insights shaping progressive sex education policies and inclusive practices.

Our comprehensive research empowers informed advocacy, driving equitable sexual and reproductive health education forward.

Sex Ed State Legislative Mid-Year Report 2023

Sex Ed Policy

Discover SIECUS Sex Ed Policy Insights: Uncover comprehensive analyses driving progressive sex education policies and practices.

Empower advocacy efforts for inclusive sexual health education with our robust research resources.

2024 State of Sex Education Legislative Look-Ahead


Explore SIECUS’s original publication which details the important intersections between complete Sex Education and major sex and non sex related social issues in our society.

If you wish to learn more about these connections, and how complete sex ed is integral to the advancement of our society, then you’ll read the If/Then!

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